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Addressing The Common Denominator

In this industrialized world, there are many dangerous substances that can seriously threaten our health and well-being. Amongst them, radiation, nitrates, and electro-magnetic fields all share one point in common: they are 100% INVISIBLE. To prove that, just ask yourself the following questions in relation to each one:
1. Can you see it ?
2. Can you smell it ?
3. Can you touch it ?
4. Can you taste it ?
5. Can you hear it ?

SOEKS state-of-the-art, portable, measuring devices will render these potentially harmful substances VISIBLE thereby allowing you to avoid them.

So Simple To Use

The most common fear most people have when faced with technical measuring devices is the belief that they need scientific skills in order to understand the data provided. Whilst our devices will give such specific data for those who have need of it, all models not labeled as being for professional use have been primarily designed for use by the general public.

If you know how to read a traffic light, you can use one of our Geiger counters. It doesn't get any simpler than this: 
GREEN  -  Normal levels (safe)
AMBER  -  Elevated levels (unsafe)
RED  -  Extreme levels (dangerous)
In the event of a red readout, an alarm will sound indicating that you should move away from the source as quickly as possible.

Our Nitrate testers are equally as easy to use. Just select the type of food product you wish to test from the list, then press OK. The device will self-calibrate for your chosen product and then ask you to insert its probe into the product. 5 seconds later you will see the relevant traffic light colour with one of the following messages below:

Normal Concentration of Nitrates  -  Safe
Insignificant Excess of Standard  -  Reasonably safe
Significant Excess of Standard  -  Best to avoid
Dangerous Concentration of Nitrates  -  DO NOT EAT

Did You Know?
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